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The deepwater soloing is one of Thailand’s most exciting adventure activities. It is a kind of unarmed climbing, and you will climb without rope, straps, anchors, or any other climbing device. The rope ladder hanging above the surface of the water will help you climb from the water to the hanging rock (it is much more difficult than you think). Once you climb the rock, you have no way out. If your foot slips, or if you miss, the only safety net is the ocean which is 50 feet below.


The whole cliff has a great deepwater soloing potential from the Ao Nang to the end of the cliff, Tonsai. There’s a stunning over 20-meter horizontal line before entering the deep sea. Then it was a gathering place off the island and the cliff, and the virgins waiting to be climbed.

How to plan a deepwater soloing trip in Railay

If you want to sign up for a trip, please go to the Wee’s store on Tongsai Beach. Go there the night before and put your name on the list of the next day. Normally, they organize detailed travel time to match the best tide, so it might change a little bit every day. The Wee store is on the beach side of the main horse road, it is parallel to the beach, about 200 meters long, into the jungle.


The trip usually lasts half a day, including lunch and some chalk. He also rented out his shoes and chalk bags, but understandably they were not in good condition. If you are lucky, he may rent you his good shoes, but still advise to bring yourself shoes.

Features: white-sand beaches, ocean caves, Karst islands, grottoes, along with a waterline look at Thailand like none other.


Ideal time to visit: The month from January to March, while busy with vacationers, those months provide the best weather for outdoor adventures.

Getting there: Fly from Bangkok to Krabi, then have a short taxi ride to Ao Nang beach where you can take a longtail boat to Railay. Hot Rock Climbing School in Railay offers deep-water one–day trip which includes kayaking, sailing and snorkelling additionally to climbing.


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